Hello and welcome to Credentials and Cashmere! In our increasingly competitive job market, it is incredibly important to make a great first impression and maintain that image throughout your employment. The purpose of this site is exactly that—to teach young women who are new to the workplace how to dress for interviews and their days in the office. By dressing for the part, you portray yourself as confident and experienced— qualities that any employer would look for. Whether your office has a strict or liberal dress code, I will teach you how to dress for success.

My name is Nicole, and I truly enjoy fashion. I have worked at Banana Republic for the past few years and gained a plethora of knowledge about work-wear. Whether you need to pick out an outfit for an important interview or just another Wednesday, I am here to help. As a young woman myself, I understand how difficult it can be to navigate in the professional world. This is why I am sharing my knowledge with all of you.

My goal for Credentials and Cashmere is to inspire young professional women to experiment with fashion and learn to express themselves within the confines of work. I believe that clothing can help you make a powerful statement at work and set you apart from your colleagues.  I will help you integrate modern fashion with tradition for an elevated wardrobe that conveys confidence and ambition.


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