The Importance of Details

There are tons of outfit combinations that can be created with a limited wardrobe, but the effectiveness of each combination depends on the details. Adding layering pieces can help unify your look and bring it up a notch. To make the point more relatable, here are some visual examples of what accessories can do.

IMG_9208     img_9216

Prior to adding accessories, this outfit was function but rather bland. Although simple looks like this are technically work appropriate, adding layers can elevate your outfit to new professional heights. By simply tucking the shirt in and adding a belt and a necklace, this outfit underwent a massive change. You do not need to put a lot of effort into your outfit to make it look professional and put together.

IMG_9221     IMG_9227

By tucking the blouse in and adding a simple cardigan, this outfit transformed into a workwear staple. Even fewer changes were made than in the previous example, illustrating the ease of elevating your outfit a few degrees.

IMG_9247 IMG_9243 IMG_9248

There are other ways to change the vibe of your outfit with limited effort or wardrobe options. In this example I changed out my layering piece to create three distinct looks. In the first image, the blazer looks professional but the white piping gives it a fun twist. In image two my cardigan adds color and softens the look. The solid black blazer in the third image conveys sophistication and professionalism. Switching out the layering piece is also an excellent way to go from desk to dinner! (for more on that topic, view my post here)