Useful Links

If you enjoy the content on my site, here are a few other resources for you to check out. The links I have provided range from fashion blogs to retailers with great work-wear options. Enjoy!

This site has a combination of style, proper etiquette, and other useful career-related content. The style portion of the blog covers topics that range from how to dress for the seasons to the importance of properly accessorizing. I would recommend this site for casual blogging and advice for a young professional.

This site has sophisticated looks for work and weekend and is the perfect go-to for a young professional woman. Anh posts pictures of her outfits with links to each item or something similar online. Her style is a mix of classic cuts and modern trends—great inspiration for creating chic outfits.

Jessica documents the outfits she wore (including where each item was purchased), where she wore it, and why she wore it. This blogger gives you insight to her wardrobe choices, which can help you plan your own outfits using her logic. Anyone new to the fashion world should check this blog out! She has separate tabs for work, casual, and party fashions to help you prepare for all of life’s occasions.

The Classy Cubicle is a great example of how to show your personality through your clothing at work. If you have a dress code that allows for self-expression this is the blog for you. Mary’s looks are professional and on-trend with links below each picture to shop her look. She also has a page about the Top 10 Cubicle Crimes, to make sure you are staying classy at work.

This site is a good resource for full-figured women to find styles that work for their body type. Her style ranges from casual to business, with links to similar items available online. Her beautiful images will help you learn how to build an outfit that is put together and sophisticated. This blogger also has a tips-and-how-to section with a variety of helpful, fashion-related topics.

If you are unsure of how to wear something, this blogger probably has a tag for it. Her style is very cool, mature and glamorous, something all of us young professionals should strive for. Most of her outfits won’t work for the office, but they are great inspiration for self-expression and trying out new trends.

H&M is a great store for young professionals. Their clothing is affordable, on trend, and they have all of the basics. Look out for their lesser quality versions—I’d recommend staying on the more expensive side of the store! Not everything can be ordered online, so check in store for more options.

Banana Republic is an excellent store for young professionals who want to follow trends but stay classy and traditional. With higher prices than H&M and other competitors, it may not be attainable for all young women seeking work-wear. They do, however, have factory stores throughout the U.S. that have more affordable versions of their classic styles.

Ann Taylor is an alternative to Banana Republic, essentially. It has beautifully tailored suits and clothes that are on-trend. The prices are roughly the same as Banana Republic, though they do not have men’s clothing. Check Ann Taylor for feminine work styles and elegant jewelry to take your outfit up a notch.

This site is an excellent resource to find great deals on clothes you love. You make an account, filling out your sizes and preferred stores, and receive emails when items in your size go on sale. This makes finding good deals on quality clothes effortless.

This corporate fashion blogger posts outfit ideas that are on trend and seasonally appropriate. She has a variety of categories, including style guides, trends, products, and what to wear. She has great advice for any work wear question you could imagine.

This blogger is incredibly thrifty—she’ll teach you how to set a clothing budget, to dress for an interview, and to find your office style. If you saw an outfit in a magazine that you loved, she’ll show you how to buy similar items at affordable prices. She includes the stores and prices of the clothing featured on her blog, as well as links to the stores’ websites.


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